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Question: Why do you keep your plants foliage clean?Answer: Not only do your plants look better, they will be healthier. Plants need to be able to intake our carbon dioxide to make oxygen.

Question: Are plants toxic? Answer: Some can make you sick if you eat a lot - Poinsettia, Philodendrons, and Dieffenbachia to name a few.

Question: How often should I feed my plants and what? Answer: We use Miracle Gro and rotate with Peter Professional. Your plants need to be fed from March through October, weekly or bi- weekly. Let rest over the winter.

Question: Why do you turn your plants? Answer: So your plant will grow evenly and healthier.

Question: My plant has spider webs? Answer: You may have spider mites. Spray all plants with a pesticide containing resmethrin [FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY]. To avoid pest problems, always spray new plants before bringing them into your home.

Question: When should I transplant? Answer: The best time for transplanting is in the spring when the plant is waking up from there winter rest. If you can see roots beginning to creep out of the drainage hole at the bottom of pot, or if your plant is needing water every day it may be time for a bigger pot.

Question: My flowering plant never blooms? Answer: Is the plant getting sun? If not, move it into, or near a west or south-facing window. Are you over watering? Flowering plants prefer to dry out. Are you feeding it? Blooming plants like a high acid fertilizer.

Question: I had moved my plants outdoors for the summer. It's getting cold, do I need to bring them in? Answer: Plants enjoy being outdoors, if they are kept out of the direct sun and wind. Before bringing them in for the winter, you should spray them thoroughly with a insecticide.

Question: My Ficus tree is dropping a lot of leaves? Answer: Ficus Benji's are very temperamental. They do not like to be moved, even a little. They like a good sun, but not direct sun. They do not like to be too dry or too wet. They like to have clean foliage and to be misted a lot.